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L.B. Foster® (NASDAQ: FSTR) operates individual business units that specialize in energy, transportation, and construction infrastructure products and services. These groups manage worldwide customer support from manufacturing, distribution, and sales facilities located in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

Parent Brand:

Established in 1902, L.B. Foster Company is a U.S. headquartered company specializing in worldwide transportation and energy infrastructure industries. L.B. Foster provides a unique combination of capabilities and solutions to meet the challenges that matter most to our customers.  Our innovative technology and new product offerings are defining L.B. Foster as the solutions leader in rail, energy and construction markets. 

L.B. Foster uses a mix of brand architecture solutions to build and protect its diverse businesses.   The Company operates its worldwide businesses under the corporate brand, L.B. Foster, as well as through several standalone brands, and  brands endorsed by its corporate brand.

Stand Alone Brands:

CXT® Incorporated, a wholly owned subsidiary of L.B. Foster Company, manufacturers concrete ties for freight and passenger railroads and industrial companies, and concrete restrooms, concession stands, and other protective storage buildings for national, state, and municipal parks. The products are manufactured in ISO 9001: 2015 registered facilities in Spokane, WA and Hillsboro, TX, as well as through our wholly owned subsidiary, Carr Concrete in Waverly, WV.

Carr Concrete Corporation (CARR), manufactures precast burial vaults, bridge beams, box culverts septic tanks, and other pre-stressed and precast concrete products.  These products are manufactured in Waverly, WV.

Inspection Oilfield Services (IOS) a wholly owned subsidiary of L.B. Foster Company, provides inspection and tubular integrity management services for the upstream oil and gas industry. Services include non-destructive testing, inspection, and other asset integrity services such as repair and threading for OCTG and drill tools. Inspection and testing of these products, which includes replaceable and reusable products such as casing, production tubing, drill pipe, directional motors, drill collars, and related equipment is a critical preventative measure to ensure personnel and well-site safety, enhance efficiency, and avoid costly equipment failures and well-site shutdowns. The Company offers these services in every major oil and gas producing region throughout the United States.

Chemtec Energy Services, LLC., a wholly owned subsidiary of L.B. Foster Company, manufactures and provides a turnkey solution for metering and injection systems for the oil and gas industry. The Willis, TX location operates a fabrication plant that builds metering systems for custody transfer applications including crude oil and other petroleum-based products. These systems are used at well sites, pipelines, refineries, chemical plants, and loading/unloading facilities. The Willis location also manufactures and installs additive and dye injection systems. These systems are used to inject performance additives and/or dyes into petroleum products.

Nagory Foster is a joint venture of L.B. Foster Company and the Nagory Family of Kanpur, India. Nagory Foster was formed for the manufacturing and distribution of rail products, as well as provision of services to the passenger and freight rail markets in India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Pakistan.

Salient Systems, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of L.B. Foster Company, is a railway technology innovator with a comprehensive catalog of remote infrastructure and vehicle monitoring devices and software.  L.B. Foster's Salient Systems business operates an ISO 9001: 2015 registered facility in Dublin, OH which designs and manufactures track Monitoring systems and solutions.

Allegheny Rail Products provides the rail industry with over thirty years of experience in the design, manufacture and supply of state-of-the-art insulated rail joints and associated products for domestic and international railway applications.  L.B. Foster's Allegheny Rail Products business operates two ISO 9001: 2015 registered facilities in Niles, OH and Pueblo, CO.

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