https://m6g3q6n5.stackpathcdn.com/perch/resources/Products/vhc-envirocast.png VanHooseCo EnviroCast VanHooseCo EnviroCast Walls being placed by a crane.
https://m6g3q6n5.stackpathcdn.com/perch/resources/Products/vhc-envirokeeper.png VanHooseCo EnviroKeeper VanHooseCo EnviroKeeper being placed.

L.B. Foster Company's wholly owned subsidiary, CXT® Incorporated, acquired VanHooseCo Precast LLC. VanHooseCo specializes in precast concrete walls, water management products, and traditional precast products for the industrial, commercial, and residential infrastructure markets.


VanHooseCo is an expert in concrete construction featuring two unique product lines, ENVIROCAST® pre-insulated concrete walls and ENVIROKEEPER® water retention and management. EnviroCast® wall systems offer the latest innovative designs for both underground and above-ground installation for homes, commercial buildings, and government facilities. EnviroKeeper® is a modular precast, pre-engineered, reinforced concrete in-ground detention, retention, harvesting, and infiltration system designed for maximum efficiency and minimal environmental impact.