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L.B. Foster is the market leader in the application of Total Friction Management® solutions for the Short Line and Regional Railroad industry.

Our Value Proposition to our Customers

L.B. Foster is the market leader in the application of Total Friction Management solutions for short line and regional railroads. We accomplish this by providing high quality and reliable products and services coupled with a customer centric approach. Our dedicated sales and service support team is solely focused on your railroad’s needs. Moreover, our expertise, equipment, consumables, field services, and customer support deliver a wide range of cost-effective solutions with real benefits for any budget.

At the wheel/rail interface, our flexible and customizable products and services will:

     ✔ Extend asset life of rails and other track components, wheels, and trackside FM equipment

     ✔ Improve locomotive fuel efficiency

     ✔ Deliver field service support that enhances operating efficiencies by allowing for the reallocation of personnel to other critical functions on your railroad

     ✔ Offer a responsive sales cycle with short lead times

     ✔ Protect the environment with environmentally friendly products in sensitive areas

     ✔ Consolidate your supply chain for a comprehensive range of products and services – “One Stop Shop”

     ✔ Provide FM program assessments and offer our technical expertise and guidance

L.B. Foster’s solutions range from individual components, such as equipment, consumables, service support, or performance validation, to customizable and comprehensive “ALL IN” programs where L.B. Foster takes the burden and responsibility of managing your program to ensure performance.

Whether implementing a new FM program, or upgrading an existing one, call L.B. Foster today and learn how we can partner with you and optimize your Friction Management program. We are your “One Stop Shop”.

MC 4XL 16 Port Rebuild

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