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With over 25 years of proven performance in the field, L.B. Foster’s HPF and SFM are the best-selling solid stick wheel tread / TOR friction modifier systems in the world today.

Custom system and hardware design

  • Application coverage and train configuration specifically designed for your system

  • Hardware custom designed to fit your high speed, metro or LRV truck frame

  • Hardware designed and/or tested to meet your shock and vibration standards

KELSAN® HPF/SFM solid stick on-board TOR friction modifier

  • 100% dry film

  • Thermal stability ensures no product migration

  • Patented interlocking feature to ensure continuous application and minimal wastage

  • Non-toxic

  • Non-Flammable and Flame Resistant


  • Extends wheel tread and TOR rail life

  • Reduces short pitch rail corrugations

  • Consistent application to train fleet and throughout rail system

  • Reduces energy consumption

  • No effect on traction or braking

  • Safer, cleaner and more reliable than oil-based alternatives

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