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L.B. Foster is the market leader in the application of Total Friction Management® solutions for the Transit industry.

Our Value Proposition to our Customers

Whether you are looking at starting a Friction Management Program or optimizing an existing one, you can count on L.B. Foster to provide you with the expertise, equipment, consumables, service, and monitoring support to achieve your financial goals.

We utilize our expertise to develop options for your Friction Management Program which can:

     ✔ Reduce annual program cost, including:

  • Wheel truing and wheel replacement

  • Friction Management materials

  • Rail grinding and rail replacement

     ✔ Maximize program financial benefits, including:

  • Improved safety

  • Better ride quality

  • Elimination of noise

     ✔ Reduce required onsite track access

     ✔ Validate your program performance

L.B. Foster solutions can range from providing individual Program components (equipment, consumables, service support, remote monitoring, or performance validation) to customizable “ALL IN” Program offerings where L.B. Foster is held accountable for Program performance.

Contact your local L.B. Foster Sales Representative if you are interested in learning more on how L.B. Foster can partner with you to optimize your Friction Management Program

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