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Insulated Joint Plates, Pre-assembled Joint Panels, Specialty Joints, and Bulldog Bars

Insulated Joint Tie Plates

Accessories are also available for your insulated joint needs. Polyurethane insulated joint tie plates are available in various sizes for different sections of rail. Insulated tie plates are designed to support insulated joints without compromising their high electrical resistance and are available in solid polyurethane or polyurethane coated steel.

Single Tie Plate (Poly Steel):

  • Forged steel plate with permanently coated rail seat
  • Insulated rail seat for supporting insulated rail joints
  • Two fiberglass rail clips included
  • Canted and uncanted options
  • Ideal for special trackwork applications

TOUCHCOAT® Poly Plate:

  • Solid high perfomance polyurenthane
  • Double shoulder

Insulated Joint Panels

  • Pre-assembled in 40’ sections (other lengths available)
  • Allows easy incorporation of premium components such as wide ties, three tie insulated joint plates and
  • High performance insulated joints
  • Shippable by truck or railcar
  • Easy installation
  • Available with transition insulated joints

Specialty Insulated Joints

  • Available for the following applications:
  • Double rail for special trackwork
  • Girder rail sections
  • U69 guard rails
  • Miter cut joints
  • Compromise rail joints
  • Resilient rail clips requiring extra clearance
  • TOUGHCOAT or bonded insulated varieties


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