Avalanche Monitoring


Avalanche Monitoring is a wireless detection system, designed to instantaneously report avalanche events in remote locations that pose a risk to transit.

Avalanche Detection 

Avalanches are a major threat to critical infrastructure, such as railroads, causing delays, disruption and damage. 

L.B. Foster's Avalanche Detection system is an end-to-end solution that sends alerts to operators about events in often remote locations that can lead to snow, trees and debris on the track. Proactively monitoring such events increases safety, reduces costs through a reduction in service delays, eliminates false alarms and enhances reputation resulting from continuity of service.


Functionality & Application

Our Avalanche Detection system uses long-life battery-powered RCM tilt and position sensors attached to posts, which are swept along during an avalanche. These small, inexpensive sensors have the potential to be used over hundreds of miles of susceptible track.

  1. When an avalanche occurs, G-force accelerometer sensors are triggered. An optional Human Machine Interface (HMI) display module provides real time visual monitoring. 

  2. Event data is automatically relayed to a special information gateway. The HMI sends alerts to the railroad control center that an event has occurred. 

  3. Operators can also log in remotely to see the event in real time, if optional solar powered CCTV cameras are designed into the solution.

  4. The Control Center’s alarm summary page shows the system status. Equipped with live video images, operatives can quickly determine the extent of the event and identify appropriate actions from stopping trains or running at caution,


  • Tag / Detector

  • Gateway

  • Control Center (Human Machine Interface)

  • Solar CCTV camera (optional)

  • Asset Management software (L.B. Foster Anatomy Suite)

Product Family

Avalanche Total Track Monitoring™ by L.B. Foster is part of a wider suite of Remote Condition Monitoring (RCM) solutions for a wide range of events. These include flood, temperature, grade crossing safety, mud and landslide. All solutions incorporate remote monitoring capabilities with control center alerts and data management software.

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