Flood Monitoring


Flood Monitoring by L.B. Foster is a wireless monitoring system that detects high water levels and hazardous conditions in flood prone areas.

The Inline Flood Pole precisely measures water depth down to the inch, providing the ability to preset alarms at various depths. 

Once activated, optional solar-powered cameras can be triggered to photograph the alarming area. Emails containing this image along with depth information are sent, alongside a real time updating web portal, initiating a customer emergency response. 

L.B. Foster’s Flood Monitoring System is significantly different to other solutions currently available delivering accurate depth monitoring and early warning communications. Click here to see an illustration of a typical layout for flood monitoring. 

System Operations

  • There are two flood alarm levels on the inline flood pole: Flood Water Warning and Flood Water Alarm. In a Warning or Alarm mode, the camera is activated to allow one user to view the site via the CCTV Camera, using a web browser, client application or smart phone application. 

  • If water is detected at the Flood Water Warning Point at the base of the pole, the system will send a Flood Water Warning to the nominated operation staff member by email. This will include photos of the pole that initiated the warning. This warning will enable the main flood sensor. 

  • If the water level reaches the Flood Water Alarm Point (digitally adjustable depth level) on the main flood sensor, the system will send a Flood Water Alarm to the nominated operation staff member by email . This will include photos of the pole that initiated the alarm.  

  • The operational status of the Flood Monitoring System is monitored by the cloud server. If it does not receive adequate pole data or communications from the base station, approximately every hour, it will send a Condition Status Alert to the nominated operation staff member by email. 

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