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The Fullerton Creek Channel in the Golden State is getting an upgrade. As part of a flood control mitigation project in Orange County, CA, improvements are being made to the existing channel with the installation of steel sheet piling inside existing levees. They will significantly increase, almost double, the capacity of a major flood event.

L.B. Foster provided 2,200 net tons of ASTM A690 corrosive resistant grade steel PZC™26 sheet piling to customer Kiewit to support these improvements, making up a total of 3,700 wall feet. The domestic hot rolled PZC sheet piling was manufactured by Gerdau at their Petersburg, VA, plant and loaded on rail car for shipment. After arriving and pairing at L.B. Foster’s Chowchilla, CA, yard, it was trucked to the Fullerton jobsite for installation. The piling contractor, Blue Iron, Inc. of West Sacramento, CA, used a Giken Silent Piler system to minimize pile driving noise and vibrations throughout residential and commercial neighborhoods.

The channel has experienced lining failures and overtopping during recent years. Improvements are being made to increase capacity for a potential 100-year storm event. Specifically, the piling provides an interior form to excavate inside the levee in an area well below the existing earth level, which is then lined with concrete to provide additional capacity. 

“L.B. Foster is fortunate to play a large part in this monumental environmental solution to protect public property from potential flood events in the future,” said Richard Morales P.E., Director of Engineering, Construction Products. 

The Federal Emergency Management Association (FEMA), through their Hazard Mitigation Grant Program (HMGP), has committed $3.12 million dollars towards the design and construction of the levee improvements. The balance of the estimated $8.8 million cost for construction is being funded by the Orange County Flood Control District (OCFCD).

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