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Over the past year, L.B. Foster's HR internship program has given students the opportunity to add valuable experience in their field of study. We've asked two of our most recent interns to join the show to discuss their experiences from the program.

Listen in as McDonough Buckner (Senior - University of Akron) and Austin Smith (Senior - University of Pennsylvania) give their takes on what they learned. First, we examined what younger generations are looking for when researching employers (4:15). McDonough and Austin share their main takeaways from the program (6:00). What were their expectations of the program coming in vs. how it actually turned out (8:20)? McDonough worked remotely during the entirety of her internship, and Austin was remote for much of his, too. I asked them both what the challenges were to a remote internship (10:18). One of the goals of our internship program is to provide students with legitimate project-based work. McDonough and Austin share some of the projects they were most proud of (12:14). Finally, we discuss how an internship program like this one could be beneficial throughout the company (15:15).


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