EHSS Program


Environmental, health, safety, and sustainability (EHSS) initiatives are integrated into short- and long-term business strategies with reporting systems and requirements in place across the Company. L.B. Foster embraces sustainability as a fundamental component of how it operates, incorporating environmental, financial, and social considerations into internal risk management analyses.

EHSS Goals

  1. Reduce electricity consumption intensity by 3.0% by 2030
  2. Reduce CO2e (greenhouse gas) intensity from our operations by 2.0% by 2030
  3. Increase water reuse/onsite within our manufacturing facilities by 5% by 2030
  4. Reduce water consumption within our manufacturing facilities by 5% by 2030

EHSS Success Stories

  • Protective Coatings Willis, TX facility: annual savings of 797 MWh
    • Implemented energy efficient lighting in manufacturing areas to reduce energy usage
  • Rail Technologies St. Jean, QC facility: annual savings of 734 MWh
    • 2018 Lighting upgraded to LED in the production area
  • CXT® Concrete Ties Spokane, WA facility: annual savings of 100 MWh in 2019
    • Upgraded plant floor and yard lighting to LED fixtures in 2018
  • Protective Coatings Willis, TX facility:
    • Implemented an inline water quench reclaim system that captures and reuses water to cool coated pipe
  • CXT® Concrete Ties Spokane, WA facility:
    • Began onsite reuse of water in the wet saw cutting process in 2019

EHSS Metrics

EHSS Metrics

Click to view EHSS data (2018-2020) on greenhouse gas emissions, electricity consumption, facility water reuse, and facility water consumption

Waste Management Goals

  1. Reduce waste disposal to landfill or incineration by 1.5% per year (environmental impact per net sales) by 2023
  2. Reduce hazardous waste disposal by 2% per year (environmental impact per net sales) by 2023
  3. Increase waste reuse and recycling by 1.5% per year (combined; environmental impact per net sales) by 2023
  4. Identification of ways in which to make production waste useful for others as secondary materials and to use diverted waste within our production by 2023

Certifications for Production and Environmental Protection

L.B. Foster continually strives to develop best practices in EHS management based on international standards such as ISO 14001:2015. The following locations/businesses Environmental Management Systems have been independently assessed and are compliant with the requirements of ISO 14001:2015:

  • L.B. Foster Company Pittsburgh, PA Corporate Office
  • L.B. Foster Company Hillsboro, TX Concrete Products
  • L.B. Foster Company Burnaby, BC Friction Management
  • LB Foster Rail Technologies (UK) Ltd
  • LB Foster Automation & Materials Handling
  • TEW Engineering Ltd
  • LB Foster Netpractise
  • LB Foster Control & Display
  • LB Foster GmbH
  • TEW Plus Limited
  • LB Foster Telecoms


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